Articles on Grief by Our Guest Writers

The following are articles on grief and loss by our guest writers. Some were written as a grief journal or as part of activities undertaken while attending a grief support group.

Writing about your experiences is an activity often recommended by grief counsellors and support groups. The following articles by our guest writers have been written by friends of ours and readers of this site who have experienced various forms of grief or loss. 

We are grateful to our guest writers for letting us share their experiences and for their honesty and their positive outlooks. They are all inspiring and we’re sure that their stories will be of great help to those who find themselves in similar situations.

You can submit an article to us if you'd like.  We'd love to hear from you.  You can contact us here.  

One day we will remember them with wonder not grief.  Quote by Elizabeth Postle

General Articles on Grief

The Influence of Time on Grief by Morgan Webb

Yoga for Grief by Ankita Singh

The following group of articles were given to us by Wendy, who lost her husband to a brain tumour and then was diagnosed with breast cancer herself. They tell her story, of how she coped with the feelings of grief and rebuilt her life.  She is now in good health and making the most of life. A true inspiration to all of us never to give up hope.

Finding Joy After Grief - A Story of Hope 

What Are the Differences Between Grief and Loss?

Healing Grief and Loss Through Connection with Your Inner Self 

A Story of Dealing with Loneliness after the Death of a Loved One

Getting Past Anger in Grief

Articles on Loss of Parents and Grandparents

Loss of my Father - My son, Andy, has written his thoughts about losing his father

Grieving for the Death of My Grandparents by Athena Bryant

Name in the Sand - A poem about losing his granddad by my grandson Jamie.

Loss of the Childhood Home after the Death of Parents by Wendy

Grief Articles on the Loss of a Child

Overcoming the Loss of My Daughter by CS from Kenya

A Mother's Story about Miscarriage Grief by Athena Bryant

Articles about the Grief of Chronic Illness and Disability

Coping with Chronic Illness – written by Sarah, who, in her forties, was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

The Grief of Having a Disabled Child - An uplifting story about a brave girl called Rosie, written by her mother.

Articles on the Loss of Siblings

Grieving for my Brother - a Story of the Loss of a Sibling - by Amanda Vin Zant

Grieving for my Little Sister by 17 Year Old Sonia

If you have a story to tell, that you think might help others, and that you would like to share on our site, feel free to get in touch with us through the Contact Page or the Bereavement Forum.  We’d love to hear from you.

Have a look at our page Writing through your Grief for more information about the benefits of writing as a way of expressing your emotions.

Some More Useful Articles on Grief from the Internet

These are some of the articles we have found over the years which are very useful.  You might like to let us know if you find any that you have particularly liked. 

Tips for Returning to Work after a Bereavement

About the Loss of a Son and the Therapy of Writing

How to Respond to Judgement on your Grieving Process

Living with Mom's Death - A Male Perspective

Sunrise, giving hope again after grief
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