Our Favourite Pet Loss Sympathy Gift Ideas

A pet loss sympathy gift shows your friends or relatives that you understand their grief at the loss of their beloved dog or cat.  Pets are such an important part of our lives and part of the family that losing them can cause a lot of sorrow and pain.  A pet condolence gift from you at this time shows that you get it, and that you care.  We also have a selection of pet sympathy cards which we have designed ourselves - click here for pet sympathy cards.  

We have put together a selection of the best pet bereavement gifts on the market for you to choose and send.  Most of these sympathy gifts for loss of a dog, cat or horse can be personalized for individual pets.   

Please note that we will receive a small commission on the sale of any of these items, which help us support the grieving through the work of this site.  

Pet Memorial Jewelry

Choose from our handpicked selection of the most beautiful jewelry for remembrance of a pet.  

Click here to see the range

Faithful Companion Memorial Garden Stone

Pet Memorial Garden Stones

Check out our selection of the best pet memorial stones on the market today.  Choose from stones specially for dogs, cats, horses or rabbits.  Engraved and personalised and a range of colours.  

Click here to choose your favourite. 

dog sympathy gift - colourful glass hanging ornament

10 Best Dog Sympathy Gifts

Choose from our hand-picked selection of the best gifts for the loss of a beloved dog. 

Click Here

Personalize a Memorial Tree Gift | Sympathy, Naturally

Pet Memorial Trees

Have a tree planted in memory of a beloved pet. A wonderful, environmentally friendly legacy which benefits the planet. 

Learn more here. 

Personalised Pet Loss Photo Frames

This pretty frame can be customised with the name and dates for the beloved animal.  

The text reads:

 When tomorrow starts without me,

Don't think we're far apart

For every time you think of me, 

I'm right here inside your heart.  

Click here to buy now from Etsy

Pretty Pet Loss Bracelet

The text inside this shiny beaten aluminium bracelet reads: 

"You smiled with your eyes, laughed with your tail, and loved with your heart" 

There is a little pawprint on the outside and you can have the pet's name engraved too. 

Click to have this shipped anywhere in the world

Personalised Keychain with Bone for Dog's Name

Made to order and engraved with the loved pet's name.  This practical gift ships worldwide. 

Order as a memorial to a beloved doggie

Forever in my Heart Pet Bereavement Gift

A silver plated locket for a photo or keepsake of the beloved pet.  

Finished off with an initial and a pawprint charm for remembrance.  

Order this special necklace here

Customisable Pet Loss Mug

Add your own photo and text to make a pet memorial mug that you will use every day.  

Makes a great gift for the loss of a any pet. 

Ships worldwide from the USA

Make it Personal and Order from Zazzle

Dog Sympathy Cards

Cat Sympathy Cards

Horse Sympathy Cards

Pet Memorials from Zazzle

Still not decided?  Here are some more ideas from our Zazzle store. 

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