10 Best Pet Memorial Garden Stones

Memorial garden stones are a great way to honour a beloved pet.  A marker for a burial site or perhaps where ashes have been scattered.  Or even just a lovely reminder to put in a place in the garden where the pet would have been happy.  

Pet memorial garden stones are a popular way to treasure the happy memories of a fur baby. 

Buy for yourself to honour your pet, or send as a sympathy gift for the loss of a pet to a friend or family member who is grieving.  

There are a wide range to choose from and a range of prices.  Click through the links to see the current prices. They range from around $30 for concrete or resin finishes to up to over $200 for high end granite.  

Some of the items on this page only ship to the USA and Canada.  For UK Pet Memorial Garden Stones, click here.  

Sales on this page are from third parties and we will receive a small commission to enable us to continue our work helping those who are grieving.  

1. Pet Memorial Stones - Personalised

These pet memorial stones can be personalised with the name of the pet and the dates.  There are various shapes and colours available in stone and granite.

You can also request different coloured text.  

Order here

2. Pet Memorial Stone with Engraved Text in Granite

This 12" by 8" high quality memorial stone is everlasting thick granite which will always look good.

Engraved with the name of the pet and any text you choose in your choice of font.   Pick either dog or cat paw prints or no graphic.   

Order Here for USA Shipping Only

3. Personalised Memorial Stones for Dogs

These classy memorial stones for dogs are engraved in black granite and even include a photo of the dog.  Also available in other designs and colours.  

Click here to order from the USA.  

Click Here for UK Orders

4. Memorial Stone for a Cat

Immortalise a furry feline friend with this gorgeous black granite memorial stone for a cat.  

Includes a photo, text and graphics.  

Click Here to Personalise Your Own

For UK Orders Click Here

5. Pet Memorial Stepping Stones

Adorn a special place where your pet loved to play with a pretty pet memorial stepping stone.  

There are several designs to choose from here. 

Order now for yourself or for a gift

6.  Pet Marker Memorial Grave Stone

Choose from a variety of hard-wearing stone colours and have your own text engraved.  Honour a beloved pet with these tough weather proof grave stones.  

Order here to personalise. 

7. Pet Breed Memorial Stones

Did you know you can get a custom made pet breed memorial stone? 

Choose the breed of pet you require, provide the dates and even a moving phrase such as "Forever Loved".   

Available in various colours and styles from Etsy.  Click here to Order. 

8. Faithful Friend Memorial Stone

What better to honour a faithful friend than a beautiful memorial stone for the garden?  

Put it in a special place to treasure the memories.  

Order here

9. Memorial Stones for Horses

A beautiful tribute to a beloved horse.  These memorial stones for horses or other animals can be personalised with the name and chosen text. 

Ships Worldwide

Order now from Etsy

10. Memorial Stones for Bunny Rabbits

Treasure the memory of a precious bunny rabbit with this cute stone.  You can choose from different graphics and messages.  

A lovely addition to any garden to remember your beloved pet. 

Order Here for Worldwide Delivery

More Pet Memorials from Zazzle

Here are some further ways to memorialize your pet from our Zazzle store. 

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