Printable Checklist for Planning a Funeral

Making funeral arrangements is easy with our free checklist which will help you plan without stress and without the worry of forgetting anything.  Our easy to follow checklist is printable, so that you can tick off items as you have done them.  

If you need further advice about how to carry out any of the tasks and where to find information or services, check on our page about planning a funeral where we have covered all the details.  You will need to make sure you have obtained the death certificate before you start on any of the arrangements.  Your doctor, hospital or hospice will usually help you with this.  

We hope you have a memorable and beautiful celebration of your loved one’s life.  

Making Funeral Arrangements Checklist by

1. Book a funeral director.  

2. Decide on burial or cremation.

3. Choose priest, vicar, rabbi or celebrant to take the service.

4.  Decide on date, time and place for the service with funeral director and priest or celebrant.

5.  Estimate expected numbers and decide on venue for after service.

6.  Organise food or book a caterer.

7.  Choose readings, poems, hymns or songs.

8.  Create an order of service and have printed, or ask funeral director to organise these. 

9. Order flowers for coffin and church.

10.  Order transport if needed.

11.  Put details of funeral in local paper if required.

12.  Contact family and friends to inform about the death and the funeral.

After the Funeral Checklist

1.  Keep any cards and messages that came with flowers.

2.  Ring friends or send thank you cards for condolences and gifts.

3.  Collect ashes from crematorium or arrange for a headstone for the grave.

4. Scatter the ashes or store in decorative urn at home or at a cemetery.

5.  Read about Coping with Grief on

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Sales from our pages result in a small commission to us which helps us to continue our work supporting the grieving.  

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