Example Eulogy for a Precious Best Friend
By Samrah Yaseen

All of our eulogy examples are written for us about real people. This way you will have some heartfelt samples to look at to give you some ideas for how to write your own eulogy for a loved one. The example on this page is a touching eulogy for a friend written by Samrah.

In Loving Memory of Hannah Albert

Grief quote - meme - Your presence lingers in the shadows.

I stand here today to pay tribute to a kind soul, an indulgent heart and a disciplined mind — the most precious person in my life: Hannah Albert.

Hannah was truly extraordinary. So was our eighteen-year-old friendship. Between the two of us, she was always the stronger one.

Her life could be all kinds of chaos, but she never wore it on her face; she would steer her focus towards the lighter side of things and taught me to do the same. “There is always more in life to be thankful for than there is to complain about,” she would often say.

And even when she was really tired, she made sure she treated others as though they were precious too. Hers was a life that shined brightly just so the paths of others could be illuminated. Hers was also a life that exemplified brilliance in every capacity.

With matters that had to do with all-things-life, she was an exceptional juggler. Yet, sometimes, her multi-tasking could be infuriating to me, especially when I was trying to make a point while she kept browsing on her laptop, looking for God-Knows-What!

My apologies in advance, but I may have caught your signature icky face and an almost-deafening shriek on camera a couple times (maybe ten, or fifty — perhaps hundred) every time you saw a lizard in my backyard. *Haha* Oh man! The way you’d just flip out every time you saw a creepy crawly, or a cat, or a dog, or your reflection in the mirror.

You know, there are times in life when you could really use an itsy-bitsy nudge from a loved one who sees in you what you cannot see for yourself. From someone who believes ‘you can’ — even if circumstances dictate otherwise. For as long as we had been friends, Hannah had given me the nudges (and even some jolts; I’ll be honest - I needed them!).

With her gone, I am not sure how I will . . . or even if I will, be able to go on the way I used to. By the way, this is where she would have given me a jolt had she been listening. I mean I hope she is. Listening, I mean. Maybe not this part precisely, but everything else.

I don't know what it's really like under the hood, but I, for one, never witnessed an angry Hannah. I have wondered what she’d look like in a fit of rage, and while very funny images have popped up in my head, I don’t ever remember having seen them outside of my head.

For her office colleagues, she was ‘all brains-all sizzle’.

For her teachers, she was the type they would always remember, and inspire other students to be.

For her friends, she was living the life of Riley.

As for me? Apart from being my best friend, she was my mother, my father, my bossy elder sister, my empathetic younger sister, and an entertaining and cynical brother — depending on the need of the hour.

She has left behind her an aching mother trying to find solace in the arms of an equally aching father.

She has also left behind siblings who are crushed to the core.

She has left behind a very crippled me. And, no. I am not mad. I guess. I’m simply in pain. But hey, what’s the sun without a little rain?

You're not here Hannah Albert, but your presence lingers in the shadows.
You don't see what I see, but I hear you laughing with me when I laugh.
You don’t know what I feel, but I feel you, feeling for me.

Richard Russo, author and screenwriter, says and I quote,

“Lives are like rivers: Eventually they go where they must. Not where we want them to.”

These words have kept me going thus far. At least I know each moment has unfolded like it should have, that there is nothing I could have done to be your saviour — as much as I wish I could have, and no matter what tomorrow brings, I will embrace tenacity, compassion and selflessness, just the way you would have.

Lives are Like Rivers: Quote by Richard Russo

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