Sample Sympathy Messages - Condolence Sentiments for Cards, Flowers and Funeral Tributes 

Sample Sympathy Messages - Condolence Sentiments for Cards, Flowers and Funeral Tributes, A Book by Elizabeth Postle and Lesley Postle - authors of this website.  

More than a million people have visited our pages of sample sympathy messages, condolence notes, quotes and funeral tributes, so we have put them all together in this little book, so you will never have to search for a heartfelt word of sympathy again. 

The book includes tips and advice on writing sympathy letters as well as many examples and inspirational quotes. 

You can mix and match and put together your own comforting note of condolence whenever someone you know has lost a loved one.  

With examples of letters to friends, relatives, children and colleagues, our book will give you ideas of what to write for all types of losses.  Whether you are writing about the loss of parents, grandparents, children or even pets, you will find something suitable to write. 

We've also included short phrases and a huge range of inspiring quotes for your cards, flowers, emails or even text messages of sympathy. 

Contents of our book include: 

  • Tips for Writing Sympathy Messages
  • Funeral Messages
  • Sympathy Messages  - Loss of Parents
  • Sympathy Messages - Loss of Husband  or Wife
  • Sympathy Messages - Loss of Grandparents
  • Sympathy Messages - Loss of a Child
  • Sympathy Messages - Loss of a Sibling
  • Sympathy Messages to Teenagers and Children
  • Short Phrases and Quotes for Cards and Flowers
  • For Flowers - 20 Beautiful Messages
  • Short Funeral Wreath Banner Messages
  • Inspirational Quotes to Comfort the Grieving
  • Grief Quotes from Literature
  • Pet Loss Messages of Sympathy

Buy as a paperback to have forever on your bookshelf for reference or in the Kindle version for instant download.  The book is printed and shipped from the USA, but is available worldwide.  

(Amazon provide a free app that you can use to read the book if you haven't got a Kindle.  There is a link to it once you click through to the book. You can also download Kindle readers for any device. Just google Kindle reader for your computer.)  

This little book would also be perfect for florists and funeral homes to have at their fingertips for reference or for re-sale.  Contact us here for wholesale orders.  

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