Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Child

The bond between a mother and a child lasts forever.  A special piece of memorial jewelry honours this cherished relationship.

There are various different types of memorial jewelry that you can choose from on this page.  Pick from personalised charm necklaces and bracelets, mourning rings, cremation jewelry and ash holders. Select according to whether you prefer silver or gold or jewelry incorporating a birthstone.  Perhaps you'd like a fingerprint pendant or a locket or ring to put a lock of hair inside. You will find them all on this page.  

Scroll through to the section you'd like to explore and click on the photos to see more.  You can also see miscarriage jewelry here.  

On the purchase of any items via this page, we receive a small commission which helps us to continue our work supporting the grieving through this site.  

Gold Memorial Jewelry to Honour a Child

Mourning jewelry has been in existence since ancient times when gold rings were often placed in burial tombs along with the deceased, but it was really in Victorian times that mourning jewelry became extremely popular.  Rings were the most common form, often containing a lock of hair.  Nowadays there is a large range of gold jewelry from which to choose.  We have chosen a few of the most beautiful examples we could find here.  Click on the photos to find out more.  

Gold Angel Ash Holder

Treasure a pinch of ashes, a lock of hair or some dried flowers in this glorious angel pendant. 

10 K Yellow Gold and Diamonds

Gold Heart Ash Holder

Nothing expresses love like a pure gold heart. A truly classic mini cremation urn pendant for ashes or a lock of hair. 

10K Yellow or White Gold. 

Infinite Love Ash Holder

Express infinite love for your beloved child with this gorgeous pendant.  For ashes, a lock of hair or other memento.

10K Yellow or White Gold. 

Check out the Complete Range of Memorial Ash Holder Pendants at The Black Bow

Engraved Cremation Bracelet

Personalise this elegant bracelet with your child's name and dates and any special words of remembrance you choose.  

Also available in silver.

Ring with Child's Name

Use your own, or your child's handwriting to engrave this special 18K gold ring of remembrance.  Also in rose gold or silver. 

Includes birthstone. 

Gold Fingerprint Pendant

You can use a baby's actual fingerprint, hand or footprint to engrave these beautiful sold gold pendants.  

A truly special memorial for a beloved child. 

Check out all the gold memorial jewelry for the loss of a child here at Etsy

See also antique mourning jewelry for a child here at Etsy

Sterling Silver Jewelry For Remembrance of a Beloved Child

Mother of an Angel Ash Holder

Tarnish resistant rhodium plated silver heart shaped necklace for ashes, a lock of hair or dried flowers. 

Embracing Mother and Child

A mother and child in an eternal embrace is the comforting image of this sterling silver ash holder.  

Forever My Baby Ash Holder

A beautiful heart shaped sterling silver ash holder with angels wings to cherish your baby for ever.  

Check out the complete range of sterling silver memorial jewelry at The Black Bow

Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Son

Choose your words and charms to make this a unique and special piece for your son.  (Or daughter) 

Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Daughter

Pick the letter for a beloved daughter's name to personalise this pretty charm necklace. Ideal as a sympathy gift.  

Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Baby

Pretty sterling silver charm necklace with pearl for a mother who has lost a baby.

See Complete Range of Silver Memorial Jewelry at Etsy

Lock of Hair Keepsake Jewelry

Fingerprint and Thumbprint Memorial Jewelry

Angel Cremation Jewelry

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We are two bereaved parents who have teamed up with researchers at Yeshiva University and Memorial Sloan Kettering to study how the death of a child impacts parents’ lives, and the resulting ripple effects as life continues without our children. We invite you to participate in a survey which will help us develop resources to better support parents experiencing the heartbreak of child loss.

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For more details, you can contact the Principal Investigator:

Kailey Roberts, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University.

Thank you for your consideration --

Judith Kottick, LCSW and Jean Singer, PhD

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