10 Best Gourmet Sympathy Gift Baskets

A gourmet sympathy gift basket is a wonderful offering to a person who is grieving. Often the appetite diminishes when a loss has been suffered, so anything to tempt someone who is bereaved into eating can be a good thing. 

We have picked the 10 best on the market.  You can choose from the best quality treats and snacks, featuring baked goods, or fruit, or chocolate.  Even a basket including best California wine. Some baskets also contain a helpful book on grief or an angel keepsake.  There is something for everyone.  

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Please let the recipient know about our site too as we have hundreds of useful pages of advice and comfort for those who are coping with loss.  

Some of the products are only available in the USA. For UK shipping, click here. For worldwide shipping click here.  

Caring Condolence Basket with Book

The book included in this basket is one of our favourites for helping with grief.  It is a sensible addition to a sympathy basket for anyone who is grieving. 

Of course, the basket also contains a scrumptious array of gourmet foods to tempt any appetite from truffle cookies to cheese straws.  

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Quality Chocolate Basket with Angel Keepsake

This touching basket is full of choccy treats and other tempting snacks, as well as a beautiful angel figurine. Finished off with a lovely red 'With Sympathy' ribbon.  

Click here to find out exactly what it contains and to order.  

Fruit and Sweets Gourmet Sympathy Basket

This is a glorious selection of fruit and sweets to send sympathy and condolences.  

This will bring comfort to your loved ones hearts.  

Order here from 1800Baskets. 

Delicious Gourmet Snack Basket "With Sympathy"

This tempting basket contains a range of delicious sweet and savoury snacks along with a comforting book "Hope in Times of Grief".  Topped off with a lovely white 'With Sympathy' ribbon. 

Click here to order within the USA. 

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The Ultimate Warmth and Comfort Basket 

The ultimate warmth and comfort basket is a perfect gift for honouring the loss of a loved one. 

Full of quality products in a lovely useful willow basket.  This is a special way of sending condolences. 

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Irresistible Selection of Gourmet Baked Goods and Treats Condolence Hamper

A lovely condolence hamper stuffed with cookies, chocolates, popcorn, hot chocolate drinks and many other treats too numerous to list here! 

All in a fantastic large basket which can be used again for all kinds of things.  

Adorned with a 'with sympathy' banner. 

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Gourmet Wicker Basket - In Sympathy

A lovely country style wicker basket stuffed with treats from olives and cheese to chocolates and popcorn.  Something for everyone to share at a time of grief. 

Order here from Gift Tree

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Gourmet Taffeta Ribbon Sympathy Basket from Flowers Fast

This delicious sympathy basket contains an array of delicacies designed to tempt the appetite.  In a lovely natural basket and adorned with a green taffeta ribbon. 

Send your condolences with this precious gift.  

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Gourmet Condolence Basket with Californian Wine  

This lovely basket includes some tasty snacks to tempt the appetite of those who are grieving along with two bottles of quality California wine. 

It can be hard to eat after suffering a loss so this basket will help. 

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Our Condolences Gift Basket from Gift Tree

A selection of quality treats, chocs, toffees and cheese in a beautiful leather keepsake basket.  

Show you care with style.  Adorned with a white 'With Sympathy' bow. 

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