A Heartfelt Eulogy for a Mother in Law

By guest writer, V.S.N. Sushma

This is a genuine eulogy written about a real person and shared with us. Names have been changed for privacy. 

Dear friends and family, 

My husband and I appreciate your presence with us today. It really means a lot to us. The day is pleasant, the sun is vibrant, I can smell the spring air!

This is how Evelyn liked her day. 

Even nature is celebrating her legacy on this planet. 

I still remember the first day I met my mother-in law. I was scared out of my wits!

What would she say?

Will she judge me?

Because I was wearing a halter neck top, thigh high shorts and coming right from the beach! Wet and disheveled.

I didn’t expect that my husband, then boyfriend, was planning to present me to his mother that day. “How could you do this to me, Christian?” I kept muttering while we walked up to the porch. 

As soon as she opened the door, her eyes met mine, she looked very serious and absolutely scary! But what came out of her mouth made me laugh out loud.

"My husband doesn’t seem to like the spaghetti I made. He is a fool. You look sensible though. Would you like to have some?”

And Papa, let me tell you, the spaghetti was delicious!

After that, there was no turning back for me. 

Evelyn was a splendid woman, comfortable in her skin, unfettered and brave. She didn’t hesitate before vocalising her opinions and everyone would cheer at the good sense and knowledge she had. When someone asked her how she knew so much about the world when she hardly stepped out of her house, she’d laugh and say ‘Magic’. 

Though she looked like a scary villain with her 5 feet 8 inches height, no one shied away from her. It is our family joke – Evelyn would say – “A huge giant that I am, I will probably end up scaring my grandchildren.” And we would all laugh.

She didn’t hesitate to crack jokes about herself. Everyone loved her because of her good nature!  Be it the kids in the neighborhood, the working mothers, the milkman, postman, internet guy, TV guy, Amazon delivery guy – she would sweep them off of their feet within seconds.

Some even said that when she spoke, it felt like diamonds popping out of her mouth.

Every word valuable, soothing and relaxing. 

My Mother-in-Law Was My Best Friend

She was my best friend, a companion that I am forever thankful for!

She has always been my gossip partner, and surprisingly, she’d even listen to me trash-talking about her son. And most of the time, we would agree upon the same things.

She’d say, “Oh dear, tell me what he's done now.”

And when I explained what happened, she’d go on and say, “Glad I got rid of him! How are you tolerating this young man? Huff!”

I know she loves her son immensely. But those reassuring taunts would make me feel better. I would laugh, forget about our fights and go back to my husband like nothing happened. Because I knew that I had my mother-in law to back me up.

She has always been the boss of the house! She knew  everything about her empire! Worried about the sock you lost 4 years ago? She’d know where you might find it and yes, you would find it there.

She Was Papa's Rock

She has been Papa’s support, his dedication and the reason for his success. If not for her sacrifices, we wouldn’t be where we are.

She would wake up early in the morning to prepare food for him, grow her plants and take care of them for that extra bit of oxygen, pack his bags, give him the motivational prep talk. And while he was away, she would worry about the dinner – how to help him shrug off some of that stress he carries home from the office.

She never asked any of us anything in return for her care and love. And we always respected her, put her on a pedestal higher than the supreme. She was our God, our core and our blessing!

I love reading books and so does Evelyn. Whenever there was a book fair, we’d leave everything behind and rush to grab the best books. I’d always choose non-fiction and she’d dive into cheesy romances! And when we came back home to read them, she’d say “Huh, wish I had an Edward Cullen for myself. See what I got!”

She Was a Breath of Fresh Air

Jeffrey Eisen Birds in Trees"There is always light. How can there not be?"

Her humor was always entertaining, a breath of fresh air for everyone. We were so used to it that no one ever got offended.

And she loved us immensely. All she had in her heart was love. She loved the air around her, the bustling of the leaves, the swaying of the trees, the humming of the birds and the drizzling raindrops. I used to love the way she found happiness in small things around her. She taught me to look around whenever I thought hope is lost, darkness is here.

“There is always light. How can there not be?” She’d say.

And yes, when was Evelyn ever wrong? 

Thank you for coming all the way here to celebrate the life of my mother-in law. I’m sure she is somewhere, gazing down upon us and wondering, “Ughh…are these people going to sit here with these sobbing faces for the next two hours? Boring. . . very boring.” 

I can literally imagine her uttering those words. 

That is why I would like to request you all to smile. Smile in her memory, remember her presence, appreciate the love she always had for everyone, embrace the positivity that she wished upon us, and most importantly, know that she will always shine upon us.

She is not one who likes to remain silent. So, the next time I mess up something, I know whose ‘invisible hand’ has smacked me on the head. She will always be my guide, my strength and my motivation.

She has introduced a new perspective of life to me and I would like it pass it down to my children too. I will tell them that their grandmother was stronger than the Avengers, Fiercer than the Power Rangers and most significantly, kinder than Mother Teresa. 

And that is how I want all of you to remember her.

Thank You. 

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