Example of Eulogy for Father in Law

By guest writer - V.S.N. Sushma

All names have been changed for privacy.

Love is Like War - Quote

"Love is like war. Easy to begin but very hard to stop"

I realized the true meaning of this quote after meeting my father-in-law. I didn’t know I deserved love and acceptance until I met this man. And then, there was no turning back. He gave the world to me. 

Dear friends and family, I am Christian McCoy, the only son-in-law of the late Gerald Brown.

I would like to express my deepest condolences to my mother-in-law Grace, my wife - Hera, and my brother-in-law, Mark. We are in this together. We all miss him immensely.

Gerald was the father I never had. For all of you who don’t know, I lost my dad to a brutal car accident when I was two months old. My mother never recovered from the shock, and I had to grow up in foster homes.

It was a strange occurance that I met my father-in-law before I met my wife!

I was in college, and he was my Zoology Professor. I developed a strong bond with this man. He had a bright smile that can light up the whole town. For a 50-year-old, he was very fit and intimidating. But if you knew him well, you knew how friendly Gerald really was.

Gerald’s father left the family when he was ten years old. Perhaps, that is why we were able to connect at an emotional level. We used to go on morning walks together, eat snacks from the roadside vendor while we sipped on that Limey Blue Lagoon mocktail.

“This is like heaven slipping down my throat, boy! ” That was Gerald’s favourite.

He was a huge football fan! I was always invited to his house to watch a game or two. But seeing how he was my professor; I didn’t want to cross the line. He kept asking me to come over and I would make up an excuse.

Eventually, I gave up. I dressed up in my best clothes, picked up a bottle on the way, and knocked on his door. When he opened the door in his boxers, with a football scarf around his neck and neon painted face - my jaw literally hit the ground!

“Are you here to sell me something or watch the game with me?” He laughed out loud, the sound was a soothing boom.

That is when I first met my wife, Hera.

Gerald gave me things that I could only dream of - unconditional love, unbiased guidance, knowledge, motivation, and most importantly, a family that will forever stand by me. He taught me to fight against any obstacle, no matter how hard it is.

He would often say:  “If life gives you lemons, go sell them to someone else and make some bucks! It is all business, my boy!” I would laugh at his crazy approach to life!

He never took things too seriously. He always had a laugh about struggles. Probably that was the reason he managed to emerge victoriously - every single time! I used to be amazed at how he managed to keep everything under control.

I learned to be a family man from him. I am able to be the best father to my children because I took lessons from the best father-in-law. 

He always included me in the family, even before Hera and I got married. He would introduce me to people as ‘My Prodigy kid!’.

I thought Mark would hate me for stealing the limelight. But he proved to be the best brother ever! Gerald raised him to be a selfless man, without jealousy, greed, or hunger for power. It is because of him that his children only know to love and give. And they expect nothing in return. 

I didn’t have to shy away from sharing my emotions with Gerald. Be it my nerves before the exams or the shivers down my spine while my wife was delivering twins in the hospital. My insecurities when I was unable to tie my daughter’s shoelaces. Or when I didn’t know how to care for my son who was down with fever. I questioned myself every single second. But Gerald always trusted me. He told me that no one could do this ‘father job’ better than me. And slowly, I learned to accept the beautiful reality that the Universe bestowed on me. 

No one loved cars as much as Gerald did! If he took you to his garage, you would know that you were part of the pack! He owned a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle, and he wouldn’t stop talking about its features.

“The insides are polished black, the automatic transmission is bomb! And of course, AC! That AC is still in mint condition - you should experience it blasting that cold air on your face! I want to drive to Montana in this!”

And he did drive to Montana in that masterpiece. We were so happy to see him giggle and smile like a school kid!

His heart was always pure, innocent, and charming like a child’s. He enjoyed the tiny moments of life. That extra butter on the French toast, the new rose that blossomed in the garden, the moth that shines in the dark backdrop of the night - all these things made him happy.

He didn’t need extravagant gifts to be content. A twig from his granddaughter was enough to make him grin. A fist bump from his grandson energized him.

We can assure you that Gerald died a happy man. He had his family by his side and that signature smile on his face. Though we are sad to see him go, we are also privileged to have shared our lives with this gem of a man! He taught us so many things that we will pass on to the generations to come. His journey is an inspiration to our family and others whose lives he touched. 

Gerald will forever rest in our hearts.

We miss you, Papa. We always will. 

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