Bereavement Thank You Notes

Bereavement thank you notes for all occasions, plus beautiful cards to buy.  

Write from the heart to thank friends, family, and colleagues for their support, cards, flowers and messages of sympathy.  Use our sample notes to get ideas of what to write.  

We have also designed a range of beautiful cards for you to use for your notes of thanks.  They can be personalised with details of your own loved one, or just add your message inside.  Just click on the cards for more information and to order.  Available in different sizes with discounts for bulk orders. 

Bereavement Thank You Note to a Family Member 

Thank you all for guiding me through what was a tragic loss in my life.  I was able to cope due to your care and support.  Your presence was a huge comfort and will never be forgotten.  Your help and advice was invaluable.  I’m not sure I could have coped without it.  

Thank you for all the help with practical day to day issues, plus all the paperwork and planning involved with our loss.  

Words just don’t seem adequate to relay my thanks.  My love always.  

Bereavement Thank You Note to a Good Friend

You have always been such a close friend, never more so than during this sad time.  It is a relief to know that I can always rely on a shoulder to cry on from someone who listens and gives considered advice.  

I want you to know just how much I value our friendship.  It was a lucky day for me when we met. You are always there to share the good and the bad times.  Thank you for being my rock during this difficult period. 

After the Funeral Thank You Note To All Our Friends at Church: 

Our family feel privileged to have so many supportive friends in our church community.

Your kindness and support to our family during this sad time was very special to us.  The service was very moving and such a comfort.  The church looked beautiful with the flower arrangements. 

The buffet prepared for the congregation was presented with so much care.  Many thanks to the ladies who cooked the food and served the teas and coffee so efficiently.  

All your efforts helped our family to cope with what was a difficult day for us and your kindness will never be forgotten.  

Many thanks for all the personal cards and messages received from all our friends.  We look forward to seeing you all again very soon. 

Bereavement Thank You Messages to Boss and Work Colleagues

Thank You Note to Boss: 

I have often considered how lucky I am to have such a congenial workplace.  This is mostly due to you, our boss.  You are fair but firm and show your workforce much empathy.  

This was shown clearly to me during the last few difficult days for myself and my family.  

Thank you for the compassionate leave and for sharing my work among colleagues.  It was a huge comfort and support to get your kind messages and beautiful flowers.  

I look forward to returning to work next week and seeing you all. 

Thank you note to work colleagues: 

I was overwhelmed by the many kind messages and best wishes received from you all.  The cards and flowers were a great comfort to myself and my family.  

I am very lucky to have such a friendly group of work colleagues.  Thank you for covering my work during my absence.  Your support has been a great help.  I look forward to seeing you all again next week.  

Thank you card with Bougainvillea

Bereavement Thank You Wording for Cards and Flowers

It was a great comfort to receive your card and flowers at this sad time.  You have always been good friends and we appreciate your kind thoughts.

Your kind words gave us support and comfort at this sad time for our family.  Thank you for the beautiful flowers and your friendship over many years. 

Your kind words gave us courage to cope at what was a very difficult time.  Our family thank you for your support.  The flowers were beautiful and much appreciated. 

We never know how we will cope at sad times like this.  Your kind words and beautiful flowers helped and supported us during this difficult period.  Your continuing friendship means a great deal to us. 

All the cards and flowers received at this sad time gave us the comfort and support which allowed us to get through it all.  It really made us appreciate our wonderful friends. 

It is at the difficult times in our lives when we realise how important friends are.  Your cards and flowers were a huge comfort and support.  

Having good friends is a privilege in life.  The comfort and strength you gave us at this difficult time, with your kind words and thoughts will never be forgotten.  

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