Advice for Coping with Grief - One Day at a Time 

Not everyone will find coping with grief comes naturally. I hope my advice will make it easier for you to handle grief after the death of your loved one.  

It can be easy to give in to overwhelming feelings of sadness. But I hope that my experience as a nurse and my own personal experience of how I coped with my own grief may help you to change the way you think about your loss, and start you on the road to living your own life again and finding happiness.

The key is to focus on the quality of life you had together with your loved one. Remember the love you had, the memories you shared and celebrate this. Not everyone gets to experience what you have had with your loved one. Appreciate that wonderful chapter of your life. You can’t regret that you had that experience. You grieve because you loved, so celebrate the love you shared, never forget, but learn to cope. Forgive yourself for any feelings of guilt, for what you did or didn’t do or say.

A winding road like a journey through griefGrief is like a long and winding road

Mourning is like an invisible wound. Hang on, endure, coping with grief does become easier.

Watch my video to learn a bit more about coping with grief

Handling Grief is a Challenge

At first there are lots of things to do, organising the funeral, the flowers, the caterers. Sorting out finances and solicitors.

After the funeral the shock is wearing off. People go back to their jobs and families and your life has to go on without your loved one. This can be the most difficult time.

Tears are never far away. Songs, sights and smells may set you off. Cry, move on. Tears are healing. But don’t wallow in self-pity.

Say loudly; “I am fine, I can cope, I’m going to make the most of my lifetime now.”

Give yourself permission to laugh too.

A lack of conversation about everyday things leads to loneliness and adds to grief. Talk to friends and family each day. Don’t be afraid to talk in a normal way about your loved one. Friends are often unable to bring the loss into the conversation in case of upsetting the bereaved.

Overcoming grief by keeping busy

  • Try to plan outings and don’t be alone too much. Keep up with any groups, church, bowls, gym, classes, choirs that you belong to, they will get you out and about.
  • See my list of ideas for getting out and about.
  • You will get upset many times, but it’s good that friends are there to help when it happens or just to give you a hug.
  • Plan your days and time. Include movies, meals with friends and family.
  • Be good company. Friends and family all have their problems too.
  • Go for walks or for a swim or to the gym. Exercise will help.
  • Go back to work as soon as possible. It gives structure to the week and gives you company.
  • Try to switch off negative thoughts.
  • Think positively about your day, yourself and your appearance.
  • Have a hairdo or a massage, go swimming or for a walk.

When you smile and say “I’m fine, thank-you”, you can fool yourself too!

How to Handle Grief Alone at Home

When you’re at home listen to your favourite radio programmes or have the TV on. It’s good company. You feel less alone. Or play your favourite music. The same goes for in the car.

Keep busy. Clean the house, pay your bills. Ring your friends or write some letters or a diary.

Living through difficult periods of life makes you into a stronger person.

Life is a privilege, not a right. Every life is precious no matter how long or short. Remember your life is precious too. Move on and treasure your own life too. Do the things you always wanted to do but put off. Then start ticking them off as you do them. Your lifespan could be short too.

Go on holiday with a friend.

Plan, organise, move on.

Allow yourself to laugh and love again. This is now your precious time, you need to use wisely. Learn to enjoy the company of your other family and friends. If you’ve lost a child, love your other children or nieces, nephews, friends. Don’t spoil their lives, enjoy their company. Make new friends. Your loved one wouldn’t like you to be miserable for them.

No one says coping with grief is easy, but if you get on with life, it will become better each day.

pink flower to cheer those grieving

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