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This bereavement forum is where you can ask your questions about grief and join in discussions.   I will try and answer as many questions as I can but hope that you will join in the discussions and help each other too.

My 45 years of working in nursing, from midwifery to health visiting to running a nursing home has enabled me to help many people cope with grief.  But I am not a doctor or a psychologist.  So if you are very depressed, please do consult with your own medical practitioner. 

If you have a short comment which you feel might be more appropriate on our Facebook page, you can join in and post comments there too.  The join button is just to your left on this page.

We only ask that you treat each other with respect.  This grief forum is intended to help those coping with the loss of a loved one, a separation or divorce, the death of a pet, the grief from a job loss,  miscarriage or any other of life's misfortunes. 

Grief is not a competition.  No-one can truly understand what another is going through, so please be understanding.  What might seem trivial to one, may be a major life challenge for another. 

We hope that you will share your knowledge and tips and advice that you have found useful.  It is hoped that this will be a positive, uplifting bereavement forum, where you can come to help and be helped.

We will be checking each question and comment before it goes live on the site.  Any submission which contains anything which might be offensive to any of our readers will not be published.  Also, please have a read through the other questions first, as your question may have already been asked.  If your question is already there, join in the discussion by posting your comments there. 

Any advice on this site should not be a substitute for proper medical care.  If you are at all worried please do consult your own doctor or professional counsellor. 

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Try to keep your question fairly brief and general in nature. We hope that the answers you receive will help you on your journey to acceptance. Do come back later to share how you are getting on.

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Lost My Parents 
On September 1, 2014 my mom died and then October 14, 2014 my father died. I was caregiving for my father, along with my fiance. I found him dead in his …

Further Bereavement Questions 
Yes, but here I am feeling sorry for myself because my only surviving daughter is leaving home in a few days. Why? Because she has to as she is 27 …

Lost my mother suddenly, who was caring for her mother that has dementia. 
Eleven days ago I received a call from my brother telling me he had to call 911 for our mother. he had gone by to check on our mother and grandmother after …

How does grief affect the body?  
Since my husband passed away last year, I seem to be feeling so much more sick than usual. Will this go away?

How do others cope with early dementia in a husband ? 
My husband and I have been together for over 30 years. 10 years ago he suffered severe mental illness and made several suicide attempts. He underwent so …

Still numb and worried not grieving or dealing with feelings 
I had my Mom living with us for the last 8 months of her life. From diagnosis, I went to every appointment,procedures etc. We've shared all the highs and …

My mother's death - could more have been done?  
My mother died on the 27th December 2013 of heart failure. She was on antibiotics for an infection and seemed OK, but soon fell ill rapidly and was taken …

Lost my mother, Dad has a new woman 
Hi, I lost my mother about 8 months ago. My parents were married 40 years, and my Dad moved on just 3 short months after her death. He moved his new …

How do I talk to a relative about their untreatable illness? 
Thank you for your careful thoughts. I appreciate how understanding you are after a loss. I am considering my father-in-law's approach to death and …

Where to start healing first ??? 
I don't know what stage of grief or sadness I am at, or am I just totally overwhelmed by what has happened to me. I have lived abroad in Spain for 20 years …

When is the right time to take off the wedding ring? 
My husband died about 5 years ago now. I'm only 46 and I've been out with a few men recently, but nothing serious. I'm wondering if I'm putting them off …

More Grief Questions from our Readers 
A friend of mine lost her son a few months ago. She doesn't seem to be coping very well at all. I tried to get her to see someone, but she says she doesn't …

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The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey
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