Express Your Loved One's Personality with Our Unique Funeral Flower Arrangements 

Choose from our unique funeral flower arrangements to help you create a memorable and special farewell for your loved one.  

Funerals are such sad and stressful events and they are over in a flash and a state of shock.  So why go to the bother of choosing something special?  

  • To us, the focal point of the service for my Dad was the music.  We sang, we played and we chose his favourite songs.  For others, it might be the poetry, and for many it will be the flowers.  
  • How often do you hear comments after a funeral about how beautiful the flowers were?  They are a source of beauty and inspiration which people enjoy to take their minds off the sadness and emotion.  
  • So it is worthwhile selecting something special to honour your loved one and you'll find the flowers you choose will be remembered for years to come.  

We have chosen some of the most unique and unusual funeral arrangements we could find.  

They include themed arrangements based around:

  • hobbies and passions,
  • rustic or rural displays,
  • unusual blanket and pillow flower designs
  • animals,
  • religious beliefs
  • initials and custom made sprays
  • causes and charity support

Use these to get ideas or order direct online from the links on this page.  We have partnered with flower companies in the USA and the UK to bring you the most unusual and unique funeral flowers available.  

If you are in the USA, Kremp Florists will create any custom design for you, so you can send them a photo of anything on this page or your own funeral flower ideas and they will make it for you.  Click here for more details and to order your bespoke design.  

We receive a small commission from sales on this page, which enable us to continue supporting the grieving through this website.  

Unique Themed Funeral Flower Displays

Funeral Flowers for Football, Rugby and Baseball Fans

Unique Funeral Flower Arrangements For Animal Lovers

See also our beautiful funeral flowers for children and babies

Funeral Flowers For Those Who Loved Speed!

Order a similar display within the USA

Funeral Flower Arrangements with Names and Initials

To order similar displays from the USA, click here to order any custom design from Kremp Florists.  

Unusual Ribbon Tributes to Support Your Favourite Cause - Available in Any Colour

The unique pink ribbon funeral tribute shown here is for breast cancer awareness.  Kremp Florists will make a ribbon in any colour to support your most heartfelt cause.  Examples are yellow or a flag ribbon to support the troops, black for mourning, white for purity, a rainbow ribbon for gay pride.

Click through here to see the complete list of colours and meanings and to order your special funeral ribbon display.  

Comforting Blanket and Pillow Shaped Flowers 

Unique Religious Funeral Flower Arrangements

Rustic and Rural Style Funeral Wreaths for Lovers of the Countryside

Custom Funeral Flowers to Your Own Design

Kremp Florists in the USA will create a bespoke arrangement made to your own design.  Send them a photo, idea, sketch, initials or name and they will make a unique display to your own specifications.  

Prices vary.  Click here to find out more details and order.  Kremp Florists deliver throughout the USA as well as Puerto Rico and Guam.  

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Sales from our pages result in a small commission to us which helps us to continue our work supporting the grieving.  

Memorial Magnolia Tree

The Magnolia is one of the earth's oldest plants, with a spectacular flower which dates back 95 million years.  What a beautiful specimen to commemorate a life. 

These trees are grown by the foremost magnolia nursery in the country and they will send a variety most suited to the recipient's climate. 

The flowers in spring will bring joy to the bereaved and help to heal their heart.

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