The Most Beautiful Funeral Flowers for a Child or Baby

Flowers have had symbolic meanings for centuries.  Here are the meanings of some of the flowers in the funeral arrangements for babies and children on this page:  

From The Language of Flowers: 

  • Carnation, Pink:  Woman's Love
  • Chrysanthemum, White:  Truth
  • Roses, Pink:  Grace and Joy
  • Roses, White:  Innocence
  • White Lily:  Purity and Modesty

Choosing funeral flowers for a child or baby is one of the hardest tasks you will ever have to face.  But we hope you will take solace in the beauty of nature's bountiful blooms and pride in your choice for the farewell of your precious bundle.

Whether your preference is for a pretty bouquet with a teddy for your little baby, or a white arrangement to symbolise purity, you will find some inspiring designs on our page.  We have pink arrangements for girls or blue for boys.  There are also wreaths of flowers in the shape of hearts to show your eternal love.  

  • Our partners Kremp Florists and Flowers Fast both deliver to all addresses within the USA.  
  • We have also partnered with Interflora UK who provide free delivery for their funeral flowers within the UK.  
  • For those in other countries, we hope these designs will inspire you and you can get a local florist make your ideal arrangement.  

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Funeral Flowers for a Baby or Child with Teddy Bear

Heart Shaped Funeral Flowers for Children

Comforting Blankets and Pillows of Flowers for Baby or Child

Themed Funeral Flowers for a Child

Check out more unusual and unique flowers such as in the shape of: 

  • football
  • baseball
  • train
  • motorbike
  • rabbit
  • butterfly
  •  or customise your own design

White Flowers for the Purity of a Child

Pink Flowers for a Girl or Blue for a Boy

Check out the full range of Funeral Flowers from Interflora UK

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