Best Funeral Cross Flowers from USA and UK Suppliers

There is a wide range of beautiful designs for funeral cross flowers.  We have chosen the best from our florist partners in the USA and the UK.  As well as crosses there are a couple of other Christian funeral flower designs incorporating the Gates of Heaven and Rosary Beads.  

Some of the funeral cross arrangements can be delivered on the same day, and most are available for next day delivery.  Our supplier in the UK, Interflora, gives free delivery for all funeral arrangements.   Click through to the flowers in the USA to find out delivery costs for your area.  

If the design you like is not available in your area, you can send a photo to your local florist and they will make it up for you.  Kremp Florists in the USA will also make any custom design for you. Click here to find out more.   

We receive a small commission on purchases of these arrangements which helps us to support those coping with grief.  

Funeral Cross Flower Arrangements for Delivery in the USA

Free Delivery for Funeral Cross Flower Arrangements from Interflora UK

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