Writing Condolence Thank You Notes

Are you stuck writing condolence thank you notes?  We have some heartfelt words for you to help you express your feelings at this difficult time.  

The funeral is over, and shock is beginning to pass, and you feel that the time has come for writing sympathy thank you cards.  But what on earth to write?  When you are still coming to terms with grief, any task can seem overwhelming, so we have put together some short condolence thank you notes to help you decide what to say.  

Scroll down for the sample messages.  

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Here are a few short messages to give you some ideas when writing condolence thank you notes, or when writing sympathy thank you cards. 

Dear Grace

Thank you for the lovely card. I really appreciate your kind thoughts. Mary always said you were the best work colleague anyone could have had.  You helped her to cope during the early part of her illness and she really appreciated your visits to the home and hospital.

Best wishes Bob.

Dear Vera

It has always been a privilege to have you for a friend. I don't know how we would have coped with the loss of our wonderful son if we hadn't had your huge support. Thanks never seems enough at times like this.

Much Love

Dear Janet and Shaun

Thank you for the lovely flowers you sent us.  They were really beautiful.  It has been such a comfort to know that you were thinking of us while we were saying goodbye to our wonderful Mum.  It's been a really tough few weeks, but with the support of friends like yourselves we are getting through it.  I hope that we will be able to catch up soon.

Lots of love
Jane and all the family

Thank you note greeting card
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A couple more condolence thank you notes

Dear Ruth

Sorry it's taken me a while to put pen to paper to thank you for the moving gift you sent me when little Mark was taken from us.  It's been so hard, and I'm only just beginning to come out of the shock I think.  Your gift will help to remind me of the happy times, although short, that we spent with our son.  I'm getting stronger each day, so don't be a stranger, I'd love to get together for a cuppa soon. 

Love Jennifer

A message to send a condolence thank you in a newspaper announcement or even on Facebook.

The Brown Family would like to express their thanks to friends and family
for the many letters, cards, flowers and phone messages we received following the sudden death of our dear father.  It was such a comfort to know that he had touched so many lives in his way.  Your support helped us to cope at this sad time.  We all appreciate these condolence messages more than we can say.

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