Unique and Beautiful Memorial Urns for Ashes

These elegant memorial urns for the ashes of your loved one will really honour their final journey.  Special in life, your loved one deserves an urn which reflects your love.  Choose from these really high quality and beautifully made designs. 

The following designs are available in the USA and Canada.  Scroll down for a selection which ship worldwide. 

Beautiful Memorial Urns which Ship Internationally

These pretty floral design urns ship to over 75 countries and are sold by Amazon.com. 

By buying online you will pay a fraction of the cost that you would pay a funeral director.  These two are under $100 each.  The funeral home will be able to provide a temporary urn and transfer your loved one's remains to your chosen permanent urn when it arrives. 

These are ideal for display or for putting in a niche in a columbarium.  Check with your local cemetery what sizes are their niches.  Some cemeteries require you to put your urn inside an urn vault too. 

Funeral Urns for Sale on eBay

You can often find very affordable or discount cremation urns on eBay online and you get a much wider choice.  You don't have to buy from funeral homes as they are often much more expensive.  Here are a few available at the moment:  

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