Keepsake Cremation Jewelry

Keepsake Cremation Jewelry is a touching way of keeping your loved one close by wearing a pinch of their ashes in a pendant near to your heart.  You can also use them for a lock of hair. 

Whatever you choose we hope that you will derive some comfort from our choices of cremation remains jewelry, and we send you our heartfelt condolences.  There are many pages on this site about how to cope with grief and we hope that they will also be of comfort.   

We have selected some links to a wide range of cremation jewelry pendants and necklaces on Amazon USA and UK as well as on Ebay.  (Scroll down to the bottom for a link for Australia buyers).

There is lots of choice and the prices range from very reasonable to more high end. 

Grief and Sympathy will receive a small commission on any purchase you make through these links which helps us to continue our work in helping people cope with their loss. 

Cremation Jewelry for Ashes - Necklaces 


Infinite Love

Tree of Life

The Full Range of Cremation Jewelry from Amazon USA

Most of the necklaces shown here contain a little hollow inside where you can place a pinch of ashes, a hair, some soil from the grave of your loved one or other meaningful memento.  

Heart within Heart

Dove of Peace

Four Leaf Clover

The Full Range of Cremation Jewelry from Amazon UK

Cheap Cremation Jewelry on Ebay USA

Cheap Cremation Jewellery on Ebay UK

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For Australian buyers:

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