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Surviving the Holidays. Grief and Sympathy News No. 3 December 2013
December 08, 2013

Welcome to Grief and Sympathy News Edition Number 3

Surviving the Holidays - how gratitude can help us.

We are well aware that Christmas can be a challenge for those who are grieving. It can be emotional at the best of times, but particularly so if you are missing a loved one.

If you are angry and upset about it, and don’t want to join in, that’s fine. Have a good scream and a wail and get it all out. But I urge you to try and think positive. Focus on the loved ones who are left. Make it as special as you can for them. Life is precious and it’s your time now.

The recent Thanksgiving celebrations reminded me of an article I read recently by a scientist who says that the route to happiness is through gratitude. I think it works. So every day over the holiday period, write down something you can be grateful for. A smile, a gift, someone who needs your help, a beautiful flower, a snowfall. You will find something, and it is amazing how it can lift your spirits.

Don’t be afraid of your emotions. They enrich our lives. They make us who we are. You will have ups and downs, but let them in, and don’t bother trying to hide them. It’s true they can be exhausting, so be kind to yourself. Take a few naps and pace yourself through the busy times. Ask for help, and don’t be afraid to say no if things get tough.

For a bit of extra support – read my article on Grief and the Holidays and any of the other pages on the site about dealing with grief.

Don’t forget that you can ask a question or just vent on the Bereavement Forum. It could be just the place for everyone to get together to support each other through the Christmas period, so don’t be afraid to go first!

New Articles this Month

Our guest writer Wendy has added a great article on Anger and Grief this month and also one on How to deal with Loneliness. If you’ve got something you’d like to write about, feel free to get in touch, we’re always on the lookout for articles for the site.

Spare a thought for caregivers at Christmas

Do you know someone who is caring for a loved one at home? It can be a lonely time if you’re stuck at home caring for a sick relative when everyone else is out partying. If you know someone in that situation, make time to visit them. Perhaps sit for them for an hour or two so they can do some shopping or just take a break.

We’ve just had an article published in Dr Ethelle Lord’s newsletter on the website. It’s about those coping with the grief of a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s and it might just be of help to someone at Christmas.

And if you haven’t already seen my new book – perhaps it might make a good Xmas present for someone you know.

"A Healing Hug for Alzheimer's Caregivers" - More Information

It's available in paperback or downloadable formats, so you could be reading it in minutes from now!

May we wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Positive New Year!

Betty and Lesley

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