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We Need Your Support - A Special Offer!
December 09, 2013

Help Support

Dear All

Just a quick PS to our newsletter yesterday. You may have noticed that we have a range of cards which we are selling to help support our website, which sadly does take a lot of time and money to keep going.

Zazzle is the company which produces those cards for us, but they also sell many, many other items with thousands of customisable designs.

I just heard that Zazzle has the most incredible special offers on at the moment, with up to 75% off items, so I thought I'd pass this offer on to you all, in case you're finding it difficult to fit in your Christmas shopping. You might find it convenient to do some of it online. The added bonus is that every time you buy anything through Zazzle, we will get a commission which goes towards the upkeep of

All you have to do is click on the link below, and when you go through the checkout put in the code ITSWONDERFUL

Here are some of the things which are on sale:

75% Off Cards & Invitations
40% Off Custom Cases, Ties, & Calendars
60% Off Wrapped Canvas & Posters
30% Off Tote Bags, Mugs, & Lamps
50% Off Ornaments, Wrapping Paper, & Playing Cards
20% Off T-Shirts, Hoodies, Leggings, & Hats

All of these items are shipped from the USA, so if you're outside the USA, you might need to get it express posted to be in time for Christmas.

So help yourself to a pre-Christmas sale and help us to help others at the same time.

Zazzle Special Offers in Aid of

Many thanks and best wishes to you all for a Happy and stress free holiday.

Betty and Lesley

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